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Dedicatória ao meu querido filhote.../português/inglês

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Dedication to my beloved youngling…

You make 5 aninhos of life today.

I know that I have difficulty in perceiving that these to grow, therefore you always go to be mine bébé. That one bébé pretty, that one opposed to cry when was born, betting soon of beginning that went to be happy …

The emotion that felt when I had you in my arms for 1ª time, you only go it to perceive when you will have a son.

I do not know if some day I go to obtain you to transmit what your birth meant for me …

You were that you made to renascer me. E since that in we found them, we are the best friends of the world!

You have been a bonanza son. meigo, considerate, good pupil in the English, you are a well held child in the infantário, what you more make the dribbled father of the universe!

when I leave house and I delay, you always telephone to the Pope to ask if I delay, worried if I am well, therefore you do not know joy that you obtain to give to me knowing to it that you have homesicknesses of your Pope!

I want to leave here registado, because few people must know it with as much certainty: of this my bigger joy in the life in day 22 of June of 2002, and since this alive instant that for you and for you.

I have attemped, in very cost, to give space to you to open your wings and powers to fly … I have attemped to be to your side without suffocating you. To be your port of shelter. I do not know what the life reserves you. I inside have hope of that everything runs well, of the possible one, because you deserve to be happy.

I will be here for helping you in everything, to give my col to you when to need, one empurrãozinho when the forces to lack, and to beat to you palms to you when to leave myself well!

How much to this year that today starts for you … Desire that is optimum that already you lived until here. you asked for a uncultivated land and you go to have if god to quizer my love, but I wait beings amiguinho of yours I flow!

Tb I wait that you arrange many friends (or few but good) in the school, and that everything runs you for optimum!

E that daqui to one year, you say with one sorrisinho, that you adored to have 5 years!

Immense kiss my love and all the Congratulations of this world alone for you …

Obs: This post was written as father, therefore everything this that was written here, also is given by the mother as he is obvious!

dream….this music is pra you my love, because I know that you adore very!